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Adam Ivy’s transformation from a renowned music producer to the mastermind behind Attention At Scale epitomizes resilience and entrepreneurial ingenuity. His music production career, highlighted by collaborations with over 2,400 independent artists globally and famous names like G-Eazy, ModSun, and Kevin Gates, encountered a dramatic shift in 2016. An unexpected turn of events led to Adam losing his hearing in one ear, propelling him to pivot his career. Embracing this challenge, Adam channeled his creative prowess and business savvy into the realm of digital marketing and brand strategy, establishing Attention At Scale to empower creative entrepreneurs in magnifying their brand presence and business growth.

Adam’s venture into digital marketing has seen him develop unique marketing systems centered around leveraging organic social media traffic, earning him recognition as a digital marketing authority. His proactive use of YouTube to disseminate marketing wisdom has attracted over 300k subscribers and 16+ million views. Adam’s collaboration with corporate giants like Dell, ADAM Audio, Taco Bell, and Behringer, as well as tech companies and individual entrepreneurs, showcases his diverse expertise. At Attention At Scale, he combines his rich music industry background with his vast knowledge of corporate marketing, offering cutting-edge resources and coaching. Adam’s story is not just about career transition but also reflects his adaptability and relentless drive to overcome obstacles, inspiring and empowering the creative community in the digital era.

Have worked with some of the biggest brands in the world!

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