TC-Helicon Perform-V Vocal Effects Processor Review

TC-Helicon Perform-V Vocal Effects Processor Review

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A couple months ago I was contacted by the awesome people over at TC Helicon and asked if I’d like to check out their brand new Perform-V live audio effects processor unit. I’m a huge audio nerd so of course I say yes and they sent it my way. I actually used a TC Helicon Impact Twin Audio Interface for years as my primary interface before I upgraded to my Apollo so I was already a fan of their products. Now I spent a couple of weeks trying to figure out the best way to demonstrate what this thing does since I’m a music producer and not really an artist, but then I realized that you don’t have to be an artist to benefit from having this thing.


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So let’s do a quick unboxing and I’ll get into more detail about this cool little unit. So as you can see the packing is clean and to the point. Open the box and boom, there’s the Perform-V, behind it in the little white box is the power adapter which comes with two different power source adapters. Underneath the Perform-V is a USB cable and the instruction manual.


The Perform-V has a ton of built in effects such as reverb, delay, auto tune, and even a “tone” option, which acts like an EQ that adapts to your voice for maximum clarity. It also has an iPhone and Android app which unlocks even more capabilities.


TC-Helicon Perform-V Vocal Multi-effects Processor Features:

  • A comprehensive vocal processor and multi-effects for live performance
  • Intelligent tone functions and automatic gain continuously adjust for ideal sound
  • Classic vocal effects include 4 reverb, 4 echo, and 4 doubling styles
  • Use live pitch correction to smooth out your vocals
  • Add additional vocal effects via iOS or Android mobile devices
  • Anti-feedback processing eliminates show-stopping squeals
  • Visual pitch meter helps you train your voice and stay in tune

Here are the Tech Specs:

Tech Specs

Processor Type Vocal Multi-FX
Number of Channels 1
Presets – Factory Reverbs, doubling effects, echos (other effects loaded through Preset app or VoiceSupport app)
Presets – User Save presets to 3 trigger pads
Analog Inputs 1 x XLR (mic in), 1 x 1/8″ (aux in), 1 x 1/4″ TRS (pedal control)
Analog Outputs 1 x XLR (mic out), 1 x 1/8″ (headphones)
Computer Connectivity USB Mini-B
Height 3.6″
Depth 6.7″
Width 6.6″
Weight 0.93 lbs.
Manufacturer Part Number 996366005


They really summed it up well with the statement they printed on the back of the box. “The professional vocal sound every singer deserves, Perform-V takes your love of singing to the next level, treating it with true studio gloss while leaving the all important creative control to you.”


Now obviously this product is aimed at singers and performing artists who do live shows, but I can see this thing being a great addition for podcasters and even DJ’s who want to add some really cool effects to their vocals during their live sets.


The Perform-V has a great look to it. The buttons and dial light up in different colors so when you’re performing you know exactly what you want to push to activate the different effects. The dial controls how much of the effect is engaged so if you want a little reverb or a lot of reverb the dial is all you need to turn. Now I didn’t try this with a pedal, but it does have a pedal input which can activate your effects on command as well.


So if you’re a performing artist, especially a singer I would highly recommend the TC Helicon Perform-V to you. To go out and buy individual rack mount effects units to do everything this does could cost you thousands of dollars, not to mention be a pain in the butt to travel with. I know I didn’t cover all of the technical specs in this video, but I’ll include them in the blog post over at


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