Sudio Vasa Bla Wireless Earphones Review

Sudio Vasa Bla Wireless Earphones Review

Sudio Bluetooth Earbuds


As most of you know I live a pretty active lifestyle and one thing I can’t live without are my headphones. More specifically the wireless Bluetooth earbuds that I wear pretty much everyday in some capacity, but recently the pair I purchased last year started giving me issues so when a company in Sweden called Sudio contacted me it felt like the starts were aligning.

Just visit: and use the discount code “adamivy15”


Now I get emails all the time from companies wanting me to review their products and I’ve even had a couple companies ask for me to review their earbuds, but I refuse to bring things to my audience that I don’t genuinely believe in so in the past I’ve declined those offers. With Sudio it’s an entirely different story.


The packaging is clean and very high quality. It kind of reminds me of how Apple packages their stuff. I really like it. Inside you’ll find the owners manual, guarantee card and quick start guide as well as a really nice leather case. Guys, it’s not very often that you find a brand these days that is so detail oriented that they include a real leather case. Next you’ll see that there is a cool little cable clip that matches the accent finish of the earphones as well as 4 different sizes of rubber tips so that you can dial in the perfect fit for your particular ear.


Now let’s talk about the earphones themselves. I chose to go with the black and rose gold plated model which has a super luxurious look and feel to them. They have other color options, but these stood out to me. All of Sudios earphones have a flat cable so you won’t have to deal with annoying tangles in the cable when you’re getting ready to use them.


These only weigh 14 grams which according to what I’ve seen is the lightest on the market which is absolutely incredible because these have an amazing battery in them. I’m typically pretty skeptical when it comes to battery claims, but I used these at the gym for 5 days before having to charge them. If you want to see how much battery life is left it actually  shows you on your smartphone. Charge the earphones when the flashing light turns red. Red light means the earphones are being charged. Blue light means the earphones are fully charged. The earphones will turn off automatically after 10 minutes if it is not paired.


Anyway, enough with the tech spec stuff let’s talk about audio quality. Now there are plenty of earbuds that are cheaper and tons that are more expensive than these. I know, I’ve owned a few of both. I can tell you that the audio quality from the Sudio Vasa Blas is really really high quality. The lows are powerful, the highs are crisp, and the mids are smooth and present. Absolute quality. To the point where I would say these should be selling for double what they are honestly.


If you’re curious as to how they work I’ll do a quick walk through.


To turn them on you just press and hold the middle button on the remote for 3 seconds until the blue light is blinking.


To connect them to any Bluetooth device


  1. Click and hold the middle button on the remote of your Vasa Blå, the first blue blinking light means that it is now turned on. DO NOT LET GO and KEEP PRESSING. You will see the red light blinking after a couple of seconds, that means the earphones are in seeding mode.
  2. Go to the Bluetooth settings in your phone, and turn on Bluetooth.
  3. You will see “Sudio Vasa Bla”, click connect


Super easy…


If you want to change a song just Click and hold the button labeled (+) on the remote for 2 seconds to go to the next song. Click and hold the button labeled (-) on the remote for 2 seconds to go to the last song.


And when you want to turn them off just Press and hold the middle button on the remote for 3 seconds.


I want to personally thank Sudio for sending me these and they were nice enough to give me a custom discount code so that I could offer my viewers a 15% discount on any pair of earphones from Sudio. They have a lot of different options to choose from too. I’ll have all of the discount information in the description box below.


Just visit: and use the discount code “adamivy15”


In closing I would highly recommend these guys. They’re a great price for what you’re getting and like I said, they have other options as well. I use these at the gym, when I’m mowing my lawn, jogging around the neighborhood, and even around the house sometimes when I’m listening to an audiobook or podcast so I can leave my phone in the other room.


Again, there is a 15% off discount code in the description box and go check out what they have to offer.

Posted on April 7, 2016 in Fun, Home Studio, Music Production

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  • Neal Honickman

    Hi. thank you for the review.
    Does the cable on the Vasa Bla transmit any microphonics when listening?
    Thank you

  • Alexandra Nikitina

    “If you want to see how much battery life is left it actually shows you on your smartphone”
    Where/how does it show? My Samsung Galaxy S5 and S6 don’t show Sudio’s battery level.

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