Make More Money on YouTube – How To Get Sponsored

Make more money on YouTube – How To Get Sponsored


One question I run into time after time is on the topic of YouTube and how to make more money with your channel. Reports have shown that if you have a ridiculously successful YouTube channel that gets hundred of thousands, or even millions of views per month, that you can earn a comfortable income from AdSense revenue. One thing most people don’t talk about though is sponsorship opportunities and how creators can make hundreds, if not thousands of dollars each month with as little as 1,000 subscribers.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to work with multiple sponsors over the past few years and I continue to maintain those relationships as well as develop new ones with companies and brands I believe in. Sponsorships can range anywhere from getting deeper than usual discounts on products or services in trade for some sort of promotion, all the way to becoming the face of a company where you get paid on top of getting free products and services such as professional athletes. So what I did was I broke it down into three different ways that we as creators can get sponsorship deals.


How to get sponsored:


The first way being that the company comes to you directly with a proposal.


Let’s say that you have a YouTube channel that focuses on health and fitness and over the past few years you’ve grown your subscriber counts and average views to a point where different brands start taking notice. Well in this situation brands that would want to sponsor you would contact you directly with their proposal. From there you’d either accept or negotiate terms and sign on the dotted line per say.


The second way of getting a sponsorship deal is by reaching out directly with YOUR proposal.


Now this is a lot harder to do, but still very possible if you have a nicely developed brand with a quality following. For instance, if I had a YouTube channel where I only reviewed smart phone accessories I could leverage that to brands and with it being such a niche channel I wouldn’t necessarily need to have crazy high subscriber or view counts because the audience I do have would be so targeted.



The third way of getting sponsorship deals is an amazing hybrid of the first two that I just described.


Waiting for brands to contact you directly can be a losing battle and reaching out to them time after time with no response can be frustrating and pretty discouraging. I’ve been able to secure sponsorship through all three techniques, but I’ll tell you right now that I’ve been rejected dozens of times by trying to reach out directly. Now imagine a place where you could find sponsorship opportunities and were able to pick and choose which ones you wanted to apply for. A place where you could see who was offering what, how much they were willing to pay, and what the brands were looking for before you chose to send them a proposal. Well that’s exactly what we’re going to talk about for the third way of getting sponsorship opportunities.


A couple years ago I discovered a website called FameBit who specializes in finding sponsorship opportunities for creators. FameBit easily connects YouTubers with brands of all types. It doesn’t matter if you produce music on your channel, do beauty tutorials, or review new tech gear. FameBit hunts down sponsorship opportunities in a ton of different interest areas. When I first signed up I didn’t think I’d actually get any sponsorships, but to my surprise my first proposal was accepted. What I like most about it is how easy it is to use. They even have an iPhone app so you don’t even need to get on a computer to start getting sponsorship opportunities. It’s super straight forward and they add new sponsorships literally every day so if one of your proposals gets rejected you have plenty of others to go after.


Also, you can connect your Instagram, Vine, and Twitter accounts to your Famebit profile and be able to access even more opportunities that don’t even require you to do a YouTube video.



Another amazing feature of their website is their collaboration section on the site. This is a place where other YouTubers can post opportunites to collaborate. So for example, I could go on there and post that I’m looking to do a video collab with other producers or anybody else for that matter and if someone was interested in working with me on the project I posted they could contact me through that post.


It’s free to join too so there is no membership or anything which is pretty awesome and they even have a new channel where they interview YouTubers who give their advice on starting out which I know would be really beneficial for some of you out there.


So those are essentially the three main routes you can go to get sponsorship opportunities for your YouTube channel. There are a ton of different ways that you can use a YouTube channel to drive traffic and business to your website, but I just wanted to talk about one way you can earn some extra income while having the opportunity to build lasting relationships with some really amazing brands.

Again you can check them out at

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