How to Create High Quality Instagram Videos Using Premiere Pro

I recommend you watch the video tutorial and use these step-by-step instructions to follow along throughout the creation process. 

1. Open Adobe Premier Pro

**I’ll be using Premier Pro CS6, but these steps apply to CS5 and the CC versions as well.

2. Once Premier Pro is open click on “New Project”.

3. Name your project then hit “Ok”.

4. The “New Sequence” window will pop up and in the available presets you’ll want to select “Mobile & Devices”, then “iPod, QVGA, Sub-QCIF”.

**If you don’t see this preset you can also select “DSLR, 1080P @ 30fps”.

5. Next, click on the settings tab. If in CS5 it will be called the “General” tab.

6. Make sure the Timebase is set to 30fps.

7. Set the frame size to 640 x 640.

8. Then click “Ok”.

9. Once your project is open, click “File>Import” and select the video clips and audio that you want to use.

10. Next, drag the video clip to the timeline. If premier asks if you want to change sequence settings just select “keep existing settings”.

11. Now, Instagram only allows clips up to 15 seconds so make sure to zoom in to the timeline and change the sequence length to no more than 15 seconds by dragging the top time bar.

**If your video clip isn’t long enough such as the clips I used you can copy and paste them or adjust the clip speed as needed. To adjust clip speed select the clip, then control click and select speed/duration.

12. Once your video is on the timeline you can drag your audio to an audio track.

13. Hit the “C” key on your keyboard to select the razor tool and slice the chunk of audio that you’d like to use. Once your slices are done hit the “V” key on your keyboard to go back to the selection tool. You can delete the unused audio slips simply by clicking them and hitting the delete or backspace key.

14. Further clip adjustments can be made by dragging the start and finish of the clip to the desired length and position.

15. After you have your video clips and audio lined up the way you want them you can add a text overlay in one of two ways.

16. The first being within Premier Pro by clicking Title>New Title> Default Still then “OK”. Drag that over your video footage and add the text as desired. You can select different fonts, size as needed, and even add some text effects if you’d like.

**I however never do it this way. I do all of my text work in Photoshop.

17.To do a text overlay in Photoshop simply open a new project in photoshop and size it as 640px x 640px with a 300dpi resolution.

18. Now create your text layers over the solid color and once you’re happy with how everything looks go over to your layer selection, double click the background, hit ok, then hide that layer.

19. Next, save that project as a PNG and go back into premier.

20. Import that PNG into premier and drag it onto the timeline as the top layer. Command Click and select “scale to frame size”.

21. Drag the end of the text layer to extend it’s play time for the entire 15 second clip length.

**At this point you can export as is or if you want it to be a little more polished you can add an intro/outro crossfade of the audio and video by dragging those options onto the clips from the effects menu.

So now that your clip is ready to rock let’s export it.

22. Click on File>Export>Media

23. For format select “Quicktime”, don’t worry about the preset, then name your project for the “Output Name”.

24. Once your project is exported you can either email it to yourself and open/save it to your phone or use drop box to get it from your computer to your phone.

From there it’s just a matter of uploading it to your instagram and watch all the likes and comments pour in!



Thats How To Create High Quality Instagram Videos Using Premiere Pro


Posted on June 13, 2015 in Instagram, Social Media Marketing, Tutorials

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