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Make More Money on YouTube – How To Get Sponsored

Make more money on YouTube – How To Get Sponsored   One question I run into time after time is on the topic of YouTube and how to make more money with your channel. Reports have shown that if you have a ridiculously successful YouTube channel that gets hundred of thousands, or even millions of…

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How to Create High Quality Instagram Videos Using Premiere Pro

I recommend you watch the video tutorial and use these step-by-step instructions to follow along throughout the creation process.  1. Open Adobe Premier Pro **I’ll be using Premier Pro CS6, but these steps apply to CS5 and the CC versions as well. 2. Once Premier Pro is open click on “New Project”. 3. Name your…

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What You Need To Start Making Beats

So I’ve been producing music for almost 9 years now and in those nine years I must have been asked this same question at least a hundred times.   Now the wording might be slightly different from person to person, but when you boil it down, it’s straightforward. What do I need to start making…

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How To Build A Home Studio

In the winter of 2005 I developed a strong interest in making music. One of my friends had been producing music using Reason 2.0 and a super old version (new at the time) of ProTools LE and I was amazed. I knew that this is exactly what I wanted to do too, but I had…

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